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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Super Saturday - The ramblings of a rugby Mum!

Super Saturday 
The ramblings of a rugby Mum!

What have I learnt from Super Saturday? I have learnt that my rugby brain will not allow me to sleep in on a game day & that I was wide awake early Saturday am ready to watch.

Fiji would be a side to be feared if they could play with intensity for more than 50 minutes, had more time together as a squad & had fewer players “poached”. 

Argentina were very unlucky and France had multiple penalties which should have led to a yellow which may have had an effect on the result. 

The New Zealand & South Africa game as usual came down to very few mistakes made by the Kiwis who were just more clinical. 

What I also learned is that the “Crisp people” who have adverts during the Rugby World Cup games make no reference to the Women’s Rugby premiership. This would be a perfect opportunity to subliminally enter the mind of the rugby watching public in England to increase the attendance at these games. It is almost as if they do not want it mentioned. So until I see any mention of the Women’s premiership on the adverts or the packets I will not use their name.

Today was the first day of the TP15s. A chance to see how the new summer signings have settled. Most of the games were closer than last years encounters, apart from the encounter in South West London. It was not a faultless performance by Quins but there seemed to be a cohesion already that was absent at times last year. None of the Premiership teams were at full strength with various players missing & Richmond had many players new to this level. You have to admire their hard work determination and never say die attitude & with an away fixture at Saracens next week they will need to keep their resolve.

~ Anon

What was encouraging for the continued evolution of the Women’s game was the development teams all played after the Premiership teams. There were over 500 at The Stoop and given attendance at recent women’s football matches getting people to “show up” has to be the emphasis for the RFU.

What I also learnt was that I have missed watching live rugby and it’s going to be a very long season.

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