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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Have a beer and STFU

Good job Wayne Barnes is hanging up his whistle after the world cup given there's about you be an influx of new referee talent about to hit leagues all over the world following the World Cup.  He wouldn't get any work.

You know, with all these twitter 'experts' now coming to the forefront it's like they've swallowed a law book all of a sudden.  Its making the games painful to watch or read about. "oooooohh the citing office will be busy this week" oh have a beer and STFU will you, it's sapping all the enjoyment out of the games.  It would appear every tackle now needs to be heavily examined by 3 officials, 30,000 in the stand, the millions on twitter, 16 magnifying glasses, the players mum and second cousin... INDIVIDUALLY and if it's not gone the way you want... the ref is shit and you could do a better job.

After every game there is a social media created controversy, almost a negativity behind every game.  England let ONE try in today once the game was won and their own fans are claiming they're useless and don't stand a chance.  I personally thought that USA try was one of the most entertaining parts of the RWC so far purely due to how comical the handling errors were from both sides.  Claims that England are yet to start their WC are harsh, you play whats infront of you and not picking up an injury against a smash and grab Tonga, defending like bosses and staying clean against a proper up for it USA tells me England are well up for it and oiled for Argentina next week.

Can we from here on in stop being negative ninnys, stop analysing every single tackle and enjoy our beautiful game as this World Cup is already setting the scene to be the best one ever.. even better than 2003 (OMG, I KNOW, I said it...)

We have a day off tomorrow, we're all unsure on what to do with it I know, if you're a woman and fancy popping any thoughts or musings down on paper send me a DM and I'll happily publish you.


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