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Friday, 20 September 2019

Andddddd we're off

Day 1 complete, well game 1 anyway.

A World in Union, unless you're a daytime TV watcher of course.  Those Loose Women won't know what to do with themselves.  The opening ceremony really highlighted Japans culture and their blossoming love for Rugby.  Involving lots of children like any good opening ceremony, you wonder if any of those children could one day become a rugby legend, afterall, Japan are a nation desperate to be on the main stage and taken seriously and they seem to be doing the right things to make it happen.  This World Cup could propel them there.

Within a few minutes we had a very unexpected Russian score from Kirill Golosnitskiy in just 5 minutes the fastest try in a World Cup opening match.  Written off before they even touched a ball and proved so many of us wrong.  We all assumed Russia will be one of those teams like Uruguay where team's wack 50-60 points on them without breaking a sweat and we have very much been proved wrong.
Luckily for the hosts centre Timothy Lafaele threw a beauty of a backhand pass to Tupou, who pushed Matsushima through for a try on the right wing.  Russia did throw a few potentially problematic kicks in the direction of Japan but they held up and continued to put points on the board.

A few glistening line breaks and more nearly tries than I've seen in a while.  An opening fixture of Japan v Russia I personally didn't think would be a game to get me hooked in but how wrong was I.  I watched the first half secretly from my desk then dashed over to the pub ready for the second half and I was hooked.

Now looking at all of the pools you question if this is the hardest to get out of with Ireland, Scotland and Samoa all eyeballing the knockout stages all of which could easily do it.  This pool will simply be a case of who messes up rather who who blows everyone away.  4 teams including Japan who could potentially top it meaning Russia could have a rough ride but they showcased today how they very much deserve to be playing rugby on the main stage.

SO, onto game 2.  it's now 9.15pm, I have a 5am alarm, as do most of us.


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