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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Does it really matter?

So, ladies in the loose is a blog on rugby written by women. As it's written by us I feel I should touch on a topic that's effect not only women but men too. It's not about rugby, not really about sport but derived from the below image of Nikes marketing campaign..

I fully expect some to switch off now but if you follow me on twitter @WhatKatySaid you'll see I did briefly touch on the image, what it means to me and what it should mean to society.

So... onto the rant (sort of)

So Nike are now making clothes advertised specifically to plus size women yeh? But little did people know they already catered up to 2XL for women... granted not talked about but just within their normal range. Because of this I have always shopped nike for my active wear. Why? Because it made me feel 'normal' I didn't need to go over to a fat bird section, I could go to a rack, pick up my XL leggings and trot off to the till.

The average UK womens size now is 18. Partly due to clothes getting smaller but also due to waists simply getting larger due to us getting busier or frankly lazier. So if the average is now deemed as 'plus size' why should anyone now be treated differently? Why can't we all have the same clothes, on the same rack at the same price point? Why do I now need to be isolated? Why are there people out there now saying Nike are glorifying obesity? The same people who tell us to get off our arses and exercise are now saying we can't have sufficient clothing to do so?

Why are you any better than me because your clothes are smaller than mine? Why are you allowed an easier accessed life than mine because your clothes are smaller than mine? Why do you feel the need to tell me what I can and cannot wear because your clothes are smaller than mine?

Why can't we live in a world where people just look at a person and see a person? Accept them for what's inside? Not the bingo wings and back fat?

Why can't I buy my clothes the same as everyone else without being worried an internet troll deems that me being able to wear clothes is glorifying obesity?

Why can't we all just be the fekking same? Stop isolating people by colour, race, religion and clothes size!!!

Nike.. thank you.

But there was simply no need.


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