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Friday, 12 April 2019

Them Pesky Pussycats

Tigers may have just pulled off the win to save their season in a nail biter against bottom of the league Newcastle Falcons. I know its not over until the fat lady sings (and I'm yet to begin my vocal exercises) but Tigers are now likely to be safe.. but there has been a period where we genuinely thought they wasn't.

In a World Cup year a Leicester Tigers in the Championship could have been massively damaging to England. Aware EJ could still select them would you rather your XV be playing Jersey on a weekend or Saracens? You want your squad the best they can be for a World Cup... those Tigers players would not be.

Sort of makes it even more concerning when we have a run of very obscure seasons that a bulk of the England XV are split between very few squads... anyone in the league can be in the play offs. Anyone relegation.. it's very much proven in the last two seasons and I'm sure and hope it'll continue further.

A top club can at any point be at the risk of relegation instantly popping England in some sort of danger..

Food for thought


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