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Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Dangers of Inconsistency

Every single week you read and hear murmurs of bad refereeing.  The losing team, sometimes the winning team but in reality are our referees poor or just unsure of the boundaries within a law?

Lets all be honest, these people have been at it for a long time.  They don't wake up on a Thursday and say they want to be a Premiership Rugby referee and have their first game on a Saturday, they work at it for years.  Similar to a professional rugby player, they get promoted, they gain opportunistic and the level of fitness they hold will be second to none you can imagine.

It's now becoming that every week there has been a decision there the same offence has happened on the same weekend or weeks prior where the outcome has been different.  Citing officials penalising some and not others or punishments handed out being lesser than a counterpart for the same offence.  This is a danger in itself but what concerns me more is whats happening in lower level rugby..

Think about it right, pro rugby players spend their life in the gym, training, being taught how to play the game safely therefore if there is a questionable collision and they get a split second they're able to know how to fall and how to act.  We also have colts to vets, all play with the same sets of laws, refs of a slightly lesser standard and level of fitness.  These questionable collisions will not be managed aswell, these casual players don't live to play rugby, most rock up on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for a run around with their mates.  Mostly never doing any contact practice, rarely meeting with refs.  

Everyone involved in rugby at all levels are a fan.. they see players doing things and refs not picking up on it, they may not have seen the previous game where someone did exactly the same and got carded.  

A professional player has been handed a small ban for spitting and stamping on a player, it's clear it's visible, this is potentially dangerous.  If you have a scrum half pecking your head for 60 minutes and you get a chance, knowing the ban is tiny why not? Why not teach them a lesson?

Someone got handed a 6 week ban and someone else a 2 week ban for the same tackle a few weeks before.  You're a casual player.. you want to be a legend in the clubhouse... why not?

It's this that makes our sport potentially dangerous.  We have great referees but we need the consistency but not for our pro leagues for the ones below.


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