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Monday, 14 January 2019

Media Partisanship

As some of you may be aware or worked out, I'm a Sale Sharks fan and with that the increased frustration at the media coverage we get, not only in the papers but on TV aswell.

Since 06, lets face it, Sale have not done much.. but even with some of the biggest legends in our current sport we're still get to grab a headline that isn't negative. 

Following some massive wins in Gloucester and the one at the AJ Bell in Manchester the talking points were diamond and Billy Vunipola.  At the start of the season Sale were one of those clubs tipped for relegation despite missing Faf and Ashton yet to return.  

Sale are now positioned 5th in the Premiership
Top of their European Pool 

6 players selected for U20s England duty, Faf De Klerk... yet why do they never get any media coverage? Why are they never on TV?

They're northern...

It's no secret that us Northeners have noted an agenda over the last few years.  Falcons seem to get a worse end of the deal until last season yet seemingly were still instantly written off once the season progressed despite their success... Were Exeter treated like this when they reached the top?

People have a massive opinion that the north of the UK is riddled with Rugby League which is massively incorrect.  Rugby League is solely a Lancashire, Yorkshire and Merseyside sport (I'm a Cheshire Girl) within Lancashire and Yorkshire there are masses of Union Clubs, great quality county rugby.

As a rugby lover before a club or country lover I get increasingly frustrated.  Rugby Fans and officials run with the line that it's inclusive for all yet up here this isn't an opinion we have.  People increasingly say you should ignore the media but the fact is, while people aren't talking about the sport in the north, while they're not on TV, not advertised it won't attract the top players.  Rugby has always been known as an elitist sport, the prawn sandwich brigade as you will but this is never what I've seen.. 

There was a WC Game against Uruguay, England were already out but I think that day with Etihad was the busiest it's ever been.  There are prime chances to develop further with the international age group games, you can't say they don't have the grounds in the north yet the RFU have chosen not to share these around the country.

If we ever want to dispell the stigma around Rugby Union the RFU and Prem Rugby really need to work with the Northern Clubs, because believe it or not... 

A Club tipped for relegation now being 5th with a massive chance of European Silverware and potential playoff spot is a bloody big headline! 


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