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Monday, 7 January 2019

Edinburgh v Isuzu Southern Kings

The game started off really quickly on the right foot with Edinburgh getting possession early on.

Dougie Fife scored a try 3 minutes in. Darcy Gray who hasn't been seen that much scored a try three minutes later. 

Kings v slow on turning the ball over and recycling it. Big bill Mata was trying to create lots of space which then led to Darcy Gray scoring another try. 

Three in ten minutes for Edinburgh. Bonus points were then scored by Rory King at 43 minutes in. 

In the second half the kings really tried to tackle but were no match for Edinburgh who have been unbeaten at home this season.  Lots of substitution for both teams. 

Simon Berghan then gets the first try of his career at 45:20 Cammy Fenton who came on as a reserve and got a try 65 mins in. 

Richard Cockerill looked thrilled with the way the boys played was nice seeing some of the younger players getting a chance. Like Callum, Hunter Hill as it was his debut for Edinburgh. 

Pierre Schoemis and Ben toolis were subs Pierre came on in the last ten mins overall the kings were no challenge for the mighty Edinburgh boys they need to tackle more and recycle the ball more.


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