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Friday, 7 December 2018

Ladies in the Loose - UPDATE!

So, we've been floating around now since the 11th November we've published multiple blogs on multiple topics, we now have over 650 twitter followers and should top 3000.. YES 3000 blog views within the next few days.  Support from Paul Morgan, Welsh Dalai Lama, Paul Williams, Behind the scenes support from JB of Egg Chasers Podcast, Neil Fissler, Fill Your Boots Rugby to name a few! 

My goal was to have a community of people, male, female and of all ages to enjoy blogs, a general chat all based around rugby.  Now, I'm aware there are hundreds of these.. but how many can you say where all the material comes from Women? 

I know so many men within the rugby community who respect a womans view on a male driven sport, with a growing amount of female pundits it's a great time to add a batch of female arm chair supporters, refs, coaches and players! 

I have featured on a podcast giving #LadiesintheLoose a plug but we need to do more, we need more blog pieces, we need more people wanting to chat to us... and you never know, a podcast could be in the future for us too.

If you want to write a piece for us send a DM to @LadiesITloose or direct to me @WhatKatySaid

No matter what the topic is, as long as Rugby is involved I want it from you! 

Thanks for all of the support so far


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