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Monday, 5 November 2018

Welcome to Ladies in the Loose


I'm Katy (@WhatKatySaid)

I had a brainchild a few weeks back that I feel the rugby community is so overran by male voices it needed a woman's one (or a few hundred)

I've encounted on a few occasions where some men (a minority spoil it for the majority) that because I'm female my opinion doesn't count, I'm not knowledgeable enough nor do I have the experience which is vastly incorrect.

I've spent the passed few weeks pooling together a community of women from all over the world, all with different backgrounds, experiences and reach.  All with one thing in common, a love for Rugby Union.

Now, I was planning on a launch later this month but due to the big story last week of Sara Cox being the first top flight referee I feel I needed to hurry it along.

Plans are still in motion but for now you'll see lots of pieces, all written by women for everyone to read, comment and experience.  Each woman as in love with rugby as much as you and the one previous.

If you fancy a go at blogging or want us to write a feature on your club get in touch.

For now I'll sign out.. but Watch this space, I'm really excited about sharing this with you all! 


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