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Thursday, 22 November 2018

The Premiership Cup

**Blog by @WhatKatySaid **

First block of Premiership Cup games done and I thought now was a good time to cover it.  Not only that, as the founder of #LadiesInTheLoose I thought it was high time the puppet master actually did some graft...

So, the Premiership Cup is effectively there for what? To replace the LV Cup? Do we, as fans actually care about it? Or would we rather our players get a few weeks to recharge? I know I would.

“The Cup has been a highly successful competition in recent years in helping develop the best new Premiership and England players, in front of big crowds and TV audiences,” said Premiership Rugby Chief Executive, Mark McCafferty.
“The pathway for young players is now clear linking the Under-18s League, the Premiership Rugby Shield and now the Premiership Rugby Cup into one strong route towards Gallagher Premiership Rugby, European competitions and Test matches.
“Many Test players including Owen Farrell, George Ford and Maro Itoje all made their senior debuts in the previous Anglo-Welsh Cup and some of the most recent Breakthrough Players of the Year have been Jack Nowell, Jonny May and Adam Radwan.
“In addition, the competition has seen many different club coaches taking responsibility for the Cup team and developing their experience and skills in charge.
“This focus on new playing and coaching talent will continue in the new Cup format with young players and coaches experiencing the challenge of bigger crowds and TV exposure.

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Now.. excuse me for being picky but isn't this simply what the A League is for? The same league where almost weekly games are cancelled or postponed.  I've been to many A League games over the years (mostly in Gloucester when I lived there) Monday night rugby is fun, proper rugby, fringe players trying to outshine the next producing some really good stuff.

Round 1. of the Premiership Cup, Worcester fielded a top XV, better than the one they fielded for Europe the week previous, against a Sale side with the average age of 19.  Surely being allowed to do such a thing is instantly going against the premise of the cup? 

I'm not sure if this is something people agree on but wouldn't we be better ditching the cup and actually running a proper A League development side.  Saxons seems to have fallen by the wayside.. England have some of the best rugby development in the World, we should about it so much yet leagues like the Premiership Cup that evidently don't work are created to make money and not necessarily develop our future..

Bring back proper A League rugby, bring back the Saxons...Sack off money spinning leagues!


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